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Essential Disciplines for Japa Sadhana

  The aforesaid supernormal benefits of japa are attainable only if the japa is performed as a spiritual Sadhana -with absolute faith, sincerity and piety (of thought, sentiments and conduct) under unperturbed observance of the prescribed disciplines. Some common disciplines

The significance of Sabda Sadhana

  Japa is regarded as a prominent spiritual endeavor towards the realization of the subtle power of Sabda. the ancient scriptures indicate this fact as “Sabda is attributed to be the eternal source, the root cause, of the creation of

Practices & Effects Associated with Japa

  Engrossment of mind in the meaning, implication, or the divine feeling associated with a mantra – is essential for adept practicing of any kind of japa. This, not only trains the mind for sharp concentration and deeper meditation, but

Meaning and Type of japa 3

  11    Manasika Japa: This japa is performed silently only in the mind. The syllables of the selected mantra are mentally visualized and along with this mental recitation, the mind is focused upon the meaning of that mantra. The importance

Meaning and Type of japa 2

  6      Acala Japa: In this kind of japa the determination of the sadhaka is of predominant importance. One begins this japa with a pledge like – he will not change the posture (sitting or standing) until a fixed, sufficiently

Meaning and Type of japa 1

  3      Kamya japa: The japa performed for some special purpose – such as attainment of a noble worldly or spiritual goal – fall under this category. The period and disciplines for this japa depend upon the nature and spiritual

Linguistic Meaning and Types of Japa

  The word japa in the Sanskrit language is defined as – japa vyaktayam vaci and japa manase Ca; meaning: enunciate clearly and also say it mentally. Repeated rhythmic enunciation of a mantra with unperturbed mental concentration is defined as

The Gravity of Japa

  As mentioned in the earlier articles, japa or chanting of divine hymns has been regarded as an important spiritual practice in almost all the religions of the world. In the Nepalese scriptures of yore the japa-sadhana of mantras has

The Secret Power of the Mantras

  The vaidika mantras are usually recited in specific rhythms as per the vaidika swaras. However, during the process of japa, the recitation of all the mantras takes place at constant amplitude without any break or pause. So regular and

The Secret of Mantras

The correct pronunciation of the mantra and adept maintenance of the disciplines prescribed by a noble guide (guru) are the other two important components essential for absolute success (siddhi) in the mantra Sadhana. The fourth and the most important factor,