The significance of Sabda Sadhana


Japa is regarded as a prominent spiritual endeavor towards the realization of the subtle power of Sabda. the ancient scriptures indicate this fact as “Sabda is attributed to be the eternal source, the root cause, of the creation of the cosmos, any attempt for the realizatioin of the subliminal dimensions ‘beyond’ the universe would be futile without making a perfect use of the omnipotent power of Sabda. Accomplishing the Sabda Sadhana or the japa yoga is said to take the sadhaka’s mind in a state beyond the periphery of ‘time and space’, in the higher dimensions of Sabda…. The scriptures on the science of this Sabda Sadhana (mantra Sadhana) have described four kind of Vanis, namely Baikhari, Madhyanma, Pasyanti and Para

The Baikhari vani refers to our usual voice (used for conversation, oration etc); the other three are its successive subtler forms. Madhyama is identified as the silent voice of thoughts and intuition and is a medium for gradually traversing from the level of the baikhari to pasyanti by dedicated Sabda Sadhana. The pasyanti vani is the ‘voice’ of inner sentiments, inspirations and intrinsic messages. The yogis describe the functional domain of madhyama as expanding from the sahastrara cakra to the hradaya cakra.

Realization and perfection over the use of madhyama evolves the individual self from the state of animal instincts to the state of divine instincts. It leads to the liberation of mind from selfish, materialistic attachments and helps further evolution of the vani as the voice of the “self beyond the gross being”. This is the state of realization and expression of psayanti and eventually of the para. The para vani (or vak) is the absolute expression of Sabda in the cosmic consciousness. The Sastras cite that “Knowledge of the sabda Brahm is indeed the realization of the parabrahm – the omnipresent, eternal supreme consciousness.

(Noting that the japa Sadhana is an integral part of the Sabda Sadhana, its importance becomes all the more significant.)

A regular and sincere practice of japa results in gradual decrease in the mental instability, illusions, mental infirmities and ill tendencies – including erotic thinking, jealous, fear, ego, avarice, etc. The positive effects of japa are also accompanied by a simultaneous increase in the trenchancy of mind, piety of thoughts and sentiments that are manifested in the virtues of honesty, modesty, illustriousness, farsightedness, fairness, peace and love etc.

In the higher stages of Sadhana, the effects of japa generate spiritual power in the sadhaka (devotee). The ancient scripture on yoga darsana (c.f. sections 4/1, 1/14, 1/28-29 for instance) state that – The properly disciplined and devoted japa Sadhana can take the sadhaka into a state of deep trance. It eliminates the obstacles from the path of spiritual elevation of the sadhaka and illuminates his inner self by the divine radiance. The sadhaka eventually enjoy the beatified bliss that can never be attained even by the mightiest, wealthiest and the happiest (in worldly sense) person in the world. The noted saint, exceptionally brilliant scholar and social reformer, Swami Ramtirtha, upon reaching this state, used to describe it as ‘ “this has made me a Ram Badshah (i.e. the happy and mighty ‘king’ of the world”…..

The spiritual practice of japa can be attempted by anybody, anywhere… Patience, faith (without any fear or selfish interest) and the sincerity and purity of mind are the only preconditions. In fact, the level of these qualities also begins to improve if the japa Sadhana is being performed under adept disciplines.

Modern scientific experiments have confirmed that the japa regulates the reciter’s respiration in a way similar to that offered by some of the exercises of pranayams. It reduces the breathing rate to half its normal average. That means, on an average one hour’s disciplined practice of the japa yoga would augment the life of the sadhaka by about five hundred breaths at least japa therefore could also be advised as an important health exercise.

As mentioned earlier, the effects of japa awaken one’s inherent virtues that naturally result in an overall improvement in his personality, and amelioration of his physical and mental potentials. These positive effects can be used for noble success in terms of worldly progress as well. It is the willpower and the vision, aroused by the japa that ‘transform’ the difficult circumstances and obstacles into minor ones in a miraculous manner.

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