The Secret Power of the Mantras


The vaidika mantras are usually recited in specific rhythms as per the vaidika swaras. However, during the process of japa, the recitation of all the mantras takes place at constant amplitude without any break or pause. So regular and constant should be the speed that one can count the number of japas by measuring the time taken for one completion of the japas in one sitting. It is this consistency and continuity that gives a cycle motion to the sonic waves generated by the japa, and thus helps activation and focusing of the related powers of Sabda.

That circular motion generates energy – can also be observed in day-to-day life, for instance, the movement of the toy ‘top’ or the functioning of machines by the movement of a flywheel, etc. Continuous japa of a mantra in consistent manner, for sufficiently long periods of time per day, can generate energy in and around the sadhaka (devotee) that would keep his physical and subtle body creatively active for the rest of the day……

Fast circular motion at a regular pace generates a centrifugal force. Demonstration of this force can be seen in a circus – in the rotating swings or the circular motion of a motorbike rider in the ‘well of death’… etc. Similar effect helps generation of a supernormal ‘sphere’ of sonic energy by the cyclic japa of a mantra repeatedly while maintaining the consistency of the pace by thorough engrossment of the mind.

Anahata means unbeaten, not produced by any physically existing vibration. Including mental recollection, retention, imagination and the processing of thoughts and emotions.

Japa means repeated rhythmic enunciation with meditation.

Prakriti – the eternal power of creativity in Nature and Purusa – thy creator of the universe and the anti-universe…….

The word Sadhana refers to dedicated (spiritual) endeavors aimed at (inner) refinement and elevation.

The seven eternal notes (sapta swaras) in the natural octave of music are also referred in the shastras as the seven heavens in the latent universe -symbolizing the sublime levels of cosmic sound.

The five basic elements of the gross manifestation of the world are called panca tatvas. Namely; prithivi, (solid matter on or inside the earth), jala (water, liquids and fluids), Vayu (air), agni (source of fire and energy) and akasa (the subliminal etheric expansion and medium of mental perceptions)

Sat cakras:  The six extrasensory energy nuclei along the endocrine column.

Granthis: Three extrasensory knots along the endocrine column

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