The Secret of the power of Mantras

For a substantial understanding of the effect of mantra-japa the knowledge of the science of sound, air, and electricity is required along with that of psychology and spirituality. The importance of Sabda or of its manifestation in sound – is recognized in one form or the other by almost all known schools of religion in this world.

Even the sound produced by the matter has its effects of varied orders and types. That thunder bolt affects the bio-rhythms in the animals as well as the human beings – is a well accepted claim of homeopathy. The psychologists would agree that the soft sound of the flow of a river does influence the poetic and nature-loving minds in a creative fashion…….; and that, the roaring sound of lions induces fear in some and stimulates the valor of a few……., etc. These are some examples of the natural impacts of sound….. Some specific effects of resonance of sound of different frequencies have also been discussed in earlier articles. Just imagine of the synergistic conjunction of the psychological effects with those wonderful effects of sound……..!

The words spoken with hatred, anger or affection would create corresponding ‘matching’ effects in the listeners, even animals respond in accordance with this fact. Because of the linkage between psychological and sonic effects, the silent words of thoughts are equally effective like the spoken words. For instance, if a person with sacred and serene mentality is sitting near someone who is engrossed in cruel or erotic thinking, the former would definitely get some kind of irritating or repulsive feeling…….. The creative and destructive effects of sound in the form of music are well known. Some more examples in this regards are listed below that throw light on the interconnection of music and psychology.

While singing a devotional song, lady Levy had seen the Notredame Mother Mary in France. The mental absorption in singing and listening of the Bhairav Raga has many times resulted in visual encounter with the godly manifestation of Bhairav. Several other reported experiences of these kind include – depiction of different figures in the sand on some beaches in Italy when specific musical tunes were sung or played; different figures were found to be drawn depending upon the type of the music and the moods of the singer(s) and listeners. Mrs. Bats Heinz is also known to have demonstrated such ‘visible effects’ of emotionally empowered music in Lord Litton’s Chamber.

Telepathy, mesmerism, and hypnotism also work on the sublime linkage of the subtle and gross powers of sound with psychology. The role of air and electricity (via the electromagnetic waves) is important in spreading the sonic waves in the space. The bio-electricity and the bio magnetism play creative role in the transmission and propagation of the subliminal counterparts of these waves beyond all barriers.


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