The Secret of Mantras

The correct pronunciation of the mantra and adept maintenance of the disciplines prescribed by a noble guide (guru) are the other two important components essential for absolute success (siddhi) in the mantra Sadhana. The fourth and the most important factor, is the level of sraddha of the disciple in the particular mantra.

The ‘elements’ of ether are highly sensitive subtle ‘particles’ which can vibrate at a frequency up to 34×109 cps. At the absolute high frequencies these oscillatory particles constantly emit a unique light. The radiation of this light can travel with a velocity of 107 miles per second.

The vibrations of the etheric elements never stop. They are supposed to stabilize at the outer layer of the earth’s gravitational sphere and continue vibrating there at constant ultra high frequencies. They attract the weaker waves of similar frequencies and get attracted by more powerful ones of the same range of frequencies. In either case, the superimposition of such compatible vibrations gives rise to an extremely powerful field of attraction. The ‘influencing power’ of this force of attraction is also bestowed upon those whose ‘thought waves’ match with these supra-sonic waves.

In the advanced stages of mantra-sadhana, the sadhaka attempts to communicate with the superior spiritual experts of the corresponding mantra and tries to tune his own body, mind and sentiments so as to match the ‘frequencies’ of the impulse of his inner self with those of anusthana and purascarana fall under this category. The time periods, methods and disciplines for performing such sadhanas are pre-decided and are specific to the type of mantra and the spiritual level of the Sadhana. Every action of the daily routine – including the type and quantity of food to be consumed per day etc – are to be strictly followed as per the disciplines of the relevant Sadhana.

The sidciplined japa (in purified vani) of a mantra for long time produces enormous energy by arousing the immanent power of Sabda. This is amplified by the continuous impact and friction generated by the vibrations (of the japa) that contain the sublime energies of the willpower and faith of the sadhaka. The strength of such energy fields is exponentially magnified during the dedicated and determined ascetic sadhanas (anusthans) of the same mantra, as compared to that due to japa for lesser number of times without any ascetic disciplines. The centrifugal force of attraction created by the circular, cyclic and upward movements of the associated sonic waves (produced by the japa) also is more significant in the former and it induces the ‘potential’ to link the sadhaka’s consciousness with thy consciousness.

It is a well known scientific principle that continuous movement of any kind ultimately results in a circular motion. The orbit and shapes of all the planets in the universe are almost round (or elliptical closed contours) due to this simple effect. It is by the same principle that continuous (non-stop) japa of a mantra creates a circular domain. The ‘Taila Dharavat Sutra’ describes that – ‘if oil is dropped at constant speed for some time continuously, its flow forms a steady stream. Similarly, the repeated rhythmic enunciation of the same word (or a string of words) forms a continuous (without an end or boundary) segment of words’. A popular story in the Ramayana also gives a simple supportive example here. It describes that risi Valmiki’s non-stop chanting of the word mara mara ……. offered him the saintly effect of the japa of the name of the God – “Rama Rama”

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