The power of Mantras

There are five forms of pronunciation or expression of thoughts – (a) vocal in which one speaks out audibly; (b) Mental, in which the words are pronounced without lifting the tongue and the sound produced remains inside the throat…..; (c) In this form, only the respiration produces the desired words (sound), (d) The words communicated through the deepest inner self (i.e., through the antakharana) – which although sublime, can reach anywhere in the cosmos and vibrate the aimed nuclei of the omnipresent supreme consciousness…..; (e) Anahata – This non vibrant eternal expression of sabda is indeed the form of the self-existent Nada and this cannot be realized without the attainment of ultimate success in the Nada Yoga.

It is amazing to note that the risis had thoroughly incorporated all the scientific aspects of sound and its linkage with spirituality, psychology and the physical energies in different manifestation of Sabda in the development of Mantra Vijnana. The scientific research into the Mantra Vijnana should focus on these multifaceted dimensions and study the possibilities of making use of the mantras for positive effects on the radar of human body and mind while also counter-balancing the noise pollution created by the unchecked modern materialistic development….. It should again be remembered that linguistic analysis of the mantras as pieces of verse cannot give any information except inconclusive controversies.

The essence of Mantra Vijnana lies in making use the power of Sabda Brahm on the basis of the subtle science of consciousness and linking it with the inner purity and divine dignity of the human self.

While the sound waves in general are spread in all directions via transverse motion, the specific configurations of the syllables in the mantras make the generated sound waves move upwards. The sound waves generated by the Gayatri Mantra are found to proceed upwards in a spiral shape. The vital energy linked with the spiritual force of consciousness of the sadhakas exalts these waves up to the cosmic center of Savita, which is defined to be the devata of this great mantra.

When the sonic waves of this mantra are reflected back (reverberated) from its cosmic center, they are endowed with the light electricity and the thermal energies ’emitted’ from the sun and the supreme radiance of Savita. This unique confluence of the gross and subliminal energies of the sun induces divine impact and inspiration and enlightens the body, mind and the inner self of the devotees. The dedicated Sadhana of the Gayatri Mantra thus leads to an overall elevation of life towards the higher realms of human dignity and awakens the divinity existing in the human self.

Meditative recitation of mantra brings miraculous effects only if the vani of the recite is refined up to the level of vak – a pure, true and spiritually sublimated form of voice. The latter can be achieved by simple practices of Sabda yoga provided the prerequisites of the refinement of mentally, character; deeds and emotions are maintained by the dadhaka. These could be attained only by consistent observance of self-control and righteous living – endowed with truth, piety, serene love and altruist compassion. this atma Sadhana empowers one’s voice with the strength of absolute truth. Words uttered by a perfect vak indeed come true. It is said that the Goddess Saraswati herself ‘resides’ on the tongue of such an accomplished sadhaka of Sabda yoga.

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