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The Phonetics of Collective Chanting Described in the Vedas

  Phonetics and sonic principles have been given maximum importance in the compilation of the mantras that encode the supreme knowledge compiled in the four Vedas. The Sama Vedas, in particular, emphasizes the most on the rhythmic patterns of the

Ancient Knowledge of Sound Therapy

  Nepalese classical music is enriched with a variety of such compositions (ragas) that could be made more effective if played along with the strong company of the classical instruments like – sitara, vina, tabalam mradangam, or tanapura. Six ancient

Sound Therapy: Ancient Knowledge

  The three vowels a, u and m involved in the okkara (the omnipresent nada of “Oam”) represent in terms of the power of Sabda, the three perennial tendencies of Nature and consciousness – sat, raj and tam. The divine

Mantras Effects on Gross Body

  Out of the three most familiar manifestation of Sabda in energy forms, sound directly affects our gross body and heat and light influence our subtle and astral bodies respectively. The later two types of effects often remain unrecognized because

Mantra Yoga: Effects on Gross Body

  A human being is defined to be an ensemble of the gross (physical) body, subtle (mental and energy) body and astral body (the iner self or the domain of the soul). The existence of three perennial expressions of thy

Implications of the Mantras 1

  Worshiping an idol of God often facilitates proper meditation and creation of the internal emotions to strike the intrinsic core of absolute faith that is necessary for confluence of the individual consciousness with the cosmic flow of divinity. This

Implications of the Mantras

  The viniyoga of each mantra has five components – (1) Risi, (2) Chanda, (3) Devata, (4) Bija and (5) Tatva. The first component contains the names of the risi(s) or the spiritual saints who had discovered, compiled and/or completely

Structure and Implications of Mantras

  Several examples demonstrating the power of mantras are however reported – including popularly witnessed incidents, in the modern century. For instance, it was reported a couple of decades ago, that the women magicians called Vamohas had successfully stopped and

Power of Sound in Mantras

  The waves of thoughts or sentiments/ emotions of an individual are strengthened in the similar (matching) fields traversed by them during their cosmic journey. And, because of the periodic nature of the movement of waves, they eventually reach back

Power of Sabda 1 (sound)

  Advanced scientific application ranging – from remote control of the space-craft by electromagnetic waves; delicate surgeries to heavy metal cutting by the Lasers……. u386etc clearly illustrate that it is not the equipment or the device but it is the