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The Greatness Of The Gita

  Truly speaking, none has power to describe in words the glory of the Gita, for it is a article containing the highest esoteric doctrines. It is the essence of the Vedas; its language is so sweet and simple that

Knowledge from the Gita

  For His own realization, God has laid down   in the Gita two principal ways – Sankhya-yoga and Karma-yoga. Of these – a) All objects being unreal like the water in a mirage, or the creation of a dream, Gunas,

Chapter 1 (stanza 1-15)

Bhagavadgita The Song Divine Chapter 1 (stanza 1-15) Dhrtarastra said “Sanjaya, gathered on the holy land of Kuruksetra, eager to fight, what did my sons and the sons of Pandu do? ……… (1) Sanjaya said: at that time, seeing the

Chapter 1 (stanza 16-27)

Bhagavadgita The Song Divine Chapter 1 (stanza 16-27) King Yudhisthira, son of Kunti, blew his conch Anantavijaya, while Nakula and Shadeva blew theirs, known as Sughosa and Manipuspaka respectively. …….. (16) And the excellent archer, the king of Kasi, and

Chapter 1 (stanza 28-39)

Bhagavadgita The Song Divine Chapter 1 (stanza 28-39) Arjuna said Krishna, as I see these kinsmen arrayed for battle, my limbs give way and my mouth is getting parched; nay shiver runs through my body and hair stands on end.

Chapter 1 (stanza 40-47)

Bhagavadgita The Song Divine Chapter 1 (stanza 40-47) Age-long family traditions disappear with the destruction of a family; and virtues having been lost, vice takes hold of the entire race. …………. (40) With the preponderance fo vice, Krishna, the women

Chapter 2 (stanza 1-12)

Bhagavadgita The Song Divine Chapter 2 (stanza 1-12) Sanjaya said: Sri Krishna then addressed the following words to Arjun, who was, as mentioned before, overwhelmed with pity, whose eyes were filled with tears and agitated, and who was full of

Chapter 2 (stanza 13-24)

Bhagavadgita The Song Divine Chapter 2 (stanza 13-24) Just as boyhood, youth and old age are attributed to the soul through this body, even so it attains another body. The wise man does not get deluded about this. ……… (13)

Chapter 2 (stanza 25-36)

Bhagavadgita The Song Divine Chapter 2 (stanza 25-36) This soul is un-manifest; it is incomprehensible and it is spoken of as immutable. Therefore, knowing it as such, you should not grieve. ……… (25) And Arjun, if you should suppose this

Chapter 2 (stanza 37-48)

Bhagavadgita The Song Divine Chapter 2 (stanza 37-48) Die, and you will win heaven; conquer, and you enjoy sovereignty of the earth; therefore, stand up. Arjun, determined to fight. ………. (37) Arjun, this attitude of mind has been presented to